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Worship service begins at 9:00 a.m.

Masks are required at this time if you wish to worship in the sanctuary.  If wearing a mask is not possible for you, you may continue to watch on Facebook Live or participate in our parking lot "Drive-In" radio broadcast.

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In respect of the health of all...there are three ways you can worship at Peace.  

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*You may worship in the sanctuary while wearing a mask and social distancing

*The service will be available "Live" on the Peace Lutheran Church Facebook page at 9:00 a.m.

*OR... Come to Peace Lutheran for a Drive-In Service at 9:00 a.m. Sit in the comfort of your car, in our parking lot and tune your radio to hear our service.  The FM station is posted at the church. 

Please check back for more details. If you are in need of anything, please contact the church office, your council members or Pastor Sean. 

Office 402-727-7273 (Tuesday & Friday 9-noon)

Pastor Sean 402-651-5415 or deloreanlumberjack@yahoo.com

Registration has ended for our 2020 VBS.

But, you can still enjoy the songs!  Scroll down for the music.

Week # 1  July 6

This week we will focus on Jesus as our Waymaker.  The first song/video is of a popular new song you can hear on the radio... "Waymaker"

The second song/video is an old favorite with a new style, "He Leadeth Me"

Click here to view a short story video, The Way, The Truth, and The Life.  Copyright does not allow for it to be an easy click like the music videos.

Week # 2  July 13

This week you are learning about God being a "miracle worker".  There are many examples of God and Jesus performing miracles.  We will take a look at the miracle of God parting the Red Sea.

The first video is a popular Christian song by Hawk Nelson, He Still Does.  The second song is God Will Make a Way.

Click here to watch a short story video about Moses and the Red Sea.

Week # 3  July 20

This week we will focus on God being a "Promise Keeper".  God promised a way for us to live forever with him in Heaven.  "For God so LOVED the world that He gave His One and Only Son so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

Click here to watch a short story video.

The first song tells the story of Salvation.  The second song explains just how GOOD our Heavenly Father is!  And finally, an old favorite... Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus.

Week # 4  July 27

This week we will focus on Jesus... The Light in the Darkness.

"I am the LIGHT OF THE WORLD. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the LIGHT of LIFE."

Enjoy singing and dancing to these songs about Jesus as our LIGHT!

Thank you for joining us for VBS this year.  We hope and pray that your family has been blessed through our weekly

Box of Blessings ministry!

Our Purpose

We see our church not simply as a house of worship with walls, a roof, and open doors. Rather, we believe that the church is actually the members and believers that come together to hear God’s word, celebrate His love and extend His gifts.

Office Hours

Tuesday & Friday 9:00 am-12:00 pm (Gloria Andreasen)

Contact Us

2102 N. County Road 26
Fremont, NE 68025


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Our History

It was at a township building west of Fremont that a group of Lutherans gathered and first heard of the national organization, Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ... and the concept of a new church was born.  After much discussion and meetings with representatives of the LCMC, a small group joined for the first worship service at Fremont's City Auditorium.  The Rev. Marvin Suhr began as pastor of the mission congregation. 

We soon outgrew the space and started looking for a more permanent place to meet.  A member of our group knew of Calvary Methodist Church which had a facility which might meet both our needs.  An agreement was reached and soon we were holding worship at 12th and Luther Road.

It was apparent almost immediately that the congregation was going to grow and by the time of its charter in September 2005, the new Peace Lutheran Church had grown to more than 50 members. Within a short period of
time the small sanctuary would no longer hold all the worshipers at one service so two services became necessary.

In the growth spurt, Christian education became a centerpiece of Peace Lutheran.  Eight young men and women were in the first class to be confirmed.  Fifty to sixty children from Peace and the community attended Vacation Bible school in the summer.  Men, women, and mixed prayer groups were formed to pray and study scripture and several small groups of adults met weekly to study and carry out community service.  Growth continued and talk of our own church building took off.

Land had been identified as a possible building site, but that didn't work out.  Then God blessed us with a wonderful surprise! A non-member friend of the church donated 6 acres of land just east of Fremont on which to build our new facility.  The land was dedicated on a sunny, chilly day.

After long and faithful service Pastor Suhr resigned and the Rev. Ron Nelson became
interim pastor, as a search for a new pastor began.  The congregation had grown one and a half times since it was chartered.

On a bright and breezy day in October
2008 a blessing and groundbreaking ceremony took place on the site for the new Peace Lutheran Church building.  It will stand in the warm morning sun as you approach Fremont from the east and with God's help the congregation will bear fruit for Christ for many decades to come.

Peace Lutheran and LCMC

All About Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC)

Who We Are

We’re Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ, and our name pretty much says it all.  

We’re not a denomination, we’re a movement.  We view the local church as the place where people in the community come to get connected with God and one another.  We celebrate the fact that that everyone is wired a little differently; it allows each and every one of us to serve according to our own unique strengths, skills and talents.

We’re free in Christ

In Romans 6, Paul explains that those who follow Jesus receive God’s grace and are freed from being burdened by their sin.  In LCMC, we celebrate this freedom.  We also place a great emphasis on understanding what it means to follow Jesus, then doing it.

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to ministry because different communities often have different needs, backgrounds and cultures.  Rather than micromanaging what they do, we give our members the freedom to be creative in how they do ministry, working together to transform the lives of others others and fulfill the Great Commission that Jesus set forth in Matthew 28.   

While we think it’s important to make promises to God rather than to an institution, we also think it’s important to have standards and practices in place for holding one another accountable when it comes to ministry.

We’re Accountable to one another

In LCMC, “ accountability" happens in three distinct ways: 

  • First of all, when concerns are raised, the Board of Trustees always operates directly with the congregation to discern what has happened and what might be the best course of action. Unfortunately, there have been times when the name of a congregation has been brought to the convention to consider removing them from our list.  Our association has given the Board of Trustees authority to remove congregations when they are no longer practicing our faith according to the Lutheran Confessions and Scripture. Over the years we have removed congregations, but have done so with heavy hearts.

  • Secondly, our Ministry Board has been given the charge to recommend to the Board of Trustees the removal of pastors when necessary.  Again, this happens in a direct conversation, by the members of the Ministry Board, and our staff, hoping to restore a pastor while at the same time upholding the integrity of our core values and of our association as a whole.  Over the years, we have had to remove pastors but always hoping for restoration and reconciliation.  

  • Finally, we hope and expect that as pastors and congregations interact, there unfolds a “mutual accountability” that happens on a much more personal level.  This is the highest form of accountability—where it is carried out among those who know, love and respect one another.

We’re rooted in the Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions

We strive to be a light to the world, not a reflection of it. We view God’s word as the #1 authority when it comes to our faith and how we practice it. While we understand that science, personal experience, tradition and other factors contribute to the conversations that we have, we do not believe that they have equal influence to what’s written in the Scriptures. We believe the Lutheran Confessions to be a faithful witness to the truth of Scripture and that they give us reliable principles by which to guide the continued development of this association.

We’re all working together to fulfill Christ's Great Commission to go and make disciples of all nations

Our #1 mission as an association is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, both locally and abroad. We’re focused on strengthening the congregations that we have, and planting the ones we don’t.

For more information about LCMC, please visit www.LCMC.net

(The above information was taken from the National LCMC website)

"My Peace I Give You; My Peace I Leave you"

Jesus Christ


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